THES Mission Statement:
Our mission as the learning community at Travis Heights Elementary is to cultivate inquisitive learning that ensures students are successful in the continuing education of their choice in preparation for living in our ever-changing world.

THES Vision:
We envision our school as a student-centered learning community where all children succeed, feel safe, engage in challenging and remarkable lessons that are components of a holistic and rigorous curriculum. To realize this vision, through our programs, people, and practices, we will ensure that students’ education:

  • is driven by relationships, with relevant, rigorous and reflective curriculum
  • employs critical and creative thinking with active learning
  • establishes habits of lifelong learning
  • encourages students to collaborate and demonstrate personal and social responsibility
  • develops a sense of citizenship, cultural appreciation, and global awareness through second language acquisition

Established in 1939, Travis Heights Elementary School is nestled in the center of Austin’s historic Travis Heights neighborhood adjacent to Stacy Park. The diverse student body reflects the demographics and unique character of South Austin.

In December 2012 with school board approval, the parents and teachers of Travis Heights Elementary voted to become Austin’s first in-district charter school.
Travis Heights Elementary focuses on providing rigorous, targeted instruction that meets the needs of every student. Through a combination of teacher-led instruction and technology-based learning, teachers are able to tailor lessons to each student’s ability. The campus offers unique opportunities for learners:

  • Travis Heights Elementary is an official AISD Two Way Dual-Language campus (Spanish/English).
  • With a 1:1 technology:student ratio, a computer lab and a full-time technology instructor, the school makes award-winning online learning tools an integral part of the student experience.
  • Travis Heights Elementary focuses on project-based and service learning activities that integrate math, language arts, science, social studies and art. This creates real-world connections and reinforces learning to engage, motivateand inspire all children to be lifelong learners in their community.
  • In addition to rigorous academics, the school focuses on growth of the “whole child,” through arts, music, physical activity, social/emotional learning, nutrition, and positive behavioral supports.

The in-district charter school has been a success to-date and become a model for education in Austin and across Texas. Parents play an active role in the Travis Heights community to support students and teachers. Families assist in the classroom, help students with gardening or tending the chicken coops, volunteer for special Travis Heights Elementary community events, and much more. Families who are a part of this special community view it as warm and welcoming. Children and adults alike often make lifelong friendships and a true connection to the community in the process.

We welcome visitors at any time. Please call the school if you are interested in learning more or taking a tour.