Project SAFE

The Greater Austin YMCA – in collaboration with Colin’s Hope – is working toward the goal of providing area pre-k, kinder, and first graders with critical safety, aquatics, and fitness education. The program is Project SAFE: Safety, Aquatics and Fitness Education.

Colin’s Hope provides Project S.A.F.E. with a multidimensional curriculum that touches on not only swim lessons but also on lessons that take place in the classroom and at home. This so-called “dry land” curriculum educates kids and caregivers on safety practices in and around water and provides materials that can be taught by parents, teachers, camp counselors, babysitters, and anyone else who cares about children and safety:

  • Drowning is quick, silent and preventable. The signs of drowning don’t look like what you see in movies and on TV.
  • Children should always wait for an adult before entering water.
  • Adults should never assume that more grown-ups equals more safety. Always designate a water guardian whose responsibility is to watch children in and around water.


We at THES believe that this type of injury is fully preventable and in collaboration with the YMCA provide this service in the spring time to our 1st grade students. We utilize the pool directly next to our campus (Big Stacy).